Sattvam, Sadashivnagar, Bangalore

ImageHaving passed by this restaurant a billion times, I finally decided to give this place a try and visited Sattvam for lunch.

Sattvam is situated in Sadashivnagar, right above Godrej nature’s basket. I was quite curious to know how the place would be.Would there be something different about Sattvam or would I be stepping into any one of those mundane eat outs.

It is a 100% veg restaurant and garlic and onions are ingredients that has been eliminated from all their dishes. Veg lovers, are you listening?

On reaching Sattvam , situated on the topmost floor of the building. I was pretty blown away by the ambience and character of the place. Well lit, and well done interiors with soft pastel shades giving a very classy and aristocratic approach to the whole place along with soft classical music rendering in the background.

We were approached by friendly staff that catered to us on time , as and when required. After observing a wide spread in the restaurant we decided try the Buffet.

And so ,went the regular pattern of soups, starters and the rest followed. We had cabbage soup, nothing mind-blowing, just average. Followed by the starters placed on our tables consisting of beetroot rolls, Paneer , spicy pineapple and so on, again just average. Main courses had the regular dishes and sides of paneer , corn ,ladies finger,potato and much more.Freshly made naan ( Indian bread)would be erved to you hot ,at your table. There was a variety of rice dishes such as peas pulao, lemon rice , plain white rice and curd rice ( sadly with very little rice in it) I’am quite a big curd rice fan so I was a wee bit crestfallen about the dish.

What I noticed was a Kids Counter. We often come across scenes in restaurants where the kids leave the elders with very less bonding time over food due to the frequently thrown tantrums of not liking whats on their plate and that being forcefully stuffed into their mouths. Well, poor kids. Here at Sattvam, the kids have their own counter, with colourful and fun dishes. How cool is that?

There is a live cooking counter as well. And I was happy to get some delicious sweet savories ,soaked in fresh hot sugar syrup served with condensed milk and chopped pistachios. All this fresh and right from the counter. I think that would be the best dish of the day that went into my mouth.

Sattvam does not serve alcohol. Hence no hard drinks and no cocktails, Just mocktails. Not that I’am complaining. Just bringing that to your notice. The mocktails were pretty darn good I must say. Very light and fresh.

The prices of the food here isn’t over the top and here at Sattvam, tips are not entertained. One thing that makes this place different from the rest. Yet, the service of the staff is crisp ,friendly and professional.

I stepped out of Sattvam happy and satisfied. That’s what matters at the end , yeah? This place is a sure thumbs up for vegetarian foodies.

Rukelicious Rating:

  • FOOD: 3/5
  • AMBIENCE: 4/5
  • VARIETY : 3/5
  • SERVICE:4/5

No alcohol served

Type of cuisine : Indian, Vegetarian only.ImageImage

Meal for two: 700 (inc tax)

Timing: 12 Noon to 3 PM, 7 PM to 11 PM

Phone:080 30412940


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